Ham Radio Bandplans

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<XML>Bandplan.org - What is this?

<XML>Bandplan.org is an attempt to create an Open Source standard for ham radio band plans. A short introduction can be found here.

Projects using <XML>Bandplan.org

How to use it?

Create the a HTML bandplan:

$ make html 

C structures for further use (i.e. in Arduino projects) can be created as well. Here we create the headers containing bandplans and channels for an Yaesu FT-817 (Arduino FT817).

$ make arduino 

Contribute Bandplans

As of today only the bandplans of Germany have been implemented. Other bandplans will follow soon: bandplan issues. Feel free to contact the author (g@ziegenhain.com) to find out how to contribute in this stage of development. All bandplan entries have author, date and reference tags. The references can be checked for updates using make:

 $ make check_references  

The Open <XML>Bandplan Standard

The current standard is work in progess. Current issues concerning the standard definition: issues.

The standard is defined in this DTD file. Checking the validity

 $ make xmltest  
Updates to the standard will first be implemented in the 40m bandplan, so it is a good idea to have a look at this example file on the development branch.